Matthew 28

Bohoc, Haiti

Our mission is: To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by feeding hungry children and caring for orphans.

School - Lekol Espwa Etenel

Education and Teacher Training

Matthew Twenty-Eight has long been involved in supporting the education of the orphans. The public, free education system in Haiti is very limited and of poor quality. Private schools are not tightly regulated by the Haitian government, and only children with the means to pay for the costs of school are able to attend. As time has progressed, and the children have grown older and moved out on their own, the Haitian education system has been proven to be ineffective and a failure to the children. As the older orphans graduated, their limited educational experiences and learning from local schools closed many doors of opportunity. Matthew Twenty-Eight decided to step out in faith and prayer, knowing that the only way Haiti will ever break its cycle of poverty, violence, and hopelessness is from the inside, out - by fundamentally changing the status quo, educating the next generation of faithful, responsible, young,  motivated Haitian citizens. 

A solid school is built upon solid, well-trained educators. Matthew Twenty-Eight has partnered with an American missionary teaching in Haiti to design a three year educator training program for local Haitian men and women.  Nine teachers began teaching in October 2015 with a half-day after-school program. Morning preschool classes will begin next fall.


Plans for Lekol Espwa Etenel

This initiative has and will continue to have a significant impact on the local community. The school will only accept students who are not currently enrolled in school because of financial need (there are no publicly funded schools in Haiti).  Another goal will be to provide, for the first time in the Central Plateau, students with special needs and physical limitations  an opportunity to receive an education.  Applications will be accepted this spring for enrollment of the morning preschool class beginning in October with a plan to add a new grade each year as the inital class moves through the levels.